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In Conversation with Rhea Bailey of Halona Studio

I can’t remember exactly how I stumbled upon Rhea Bailey’s Instagram feed (maybe from another ceramist??), but I do remember scrolling through her feed and thinking about how beautiful her ceramic pieces and photography was! We hopped on a Zoom call a few weeks ago and chatted about her journey into photography, ceramics, and the […]

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Why You Should Be White Balancing Your Camera Before You Take Your Next Product Photo

If you’ve ever purchased something online, you know how important photos are when it comes to purchasing. You want the photos to look like they accurately represent what you’ll receive in person and if they don’t, you might not be happy. One of the things I’ve heard from makers is how they have trouble with […]

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Why Connecting With Your Email List Can Be A Game-Changer For Your Handmade Business

So back in the day (pre-pandemic) when you used to do craft shows, did you ever have a sheet of paper on your booth table inviting show attendees to sign up for your newsletter? If you did, when’s the last time you emailed them? If you’ve been regularly emailing them, you’re ahead of the game […]

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The 1 Thing That Will Make Your Online Shop Look Professional And Cohesive

Back in the old Etsy days, photographing your product on a white background was the thing to do. Part of it was because listings that were photographed on crisp, white backgrounds were more likely to be featured in the now-retired Treasuries feature. Treasuries were member curated galleries that showcased different sellers to help boost awareness […]

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