Month: December 2018

Photography for mental health

I’m part of a few photography groups and the most common questions I see are: What kind of camera should I get? What kind of lens should I buy for xyz? What editing program should I use? ​ While these are important questions, I love the more interesting questions like what’s someone’s motivation for getting […]

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Stuck at home.

Earlier this year, I fell down a flight of stairs which majorly sucked. To everyone’s surprise, including me, I didn’t break anything or injure myself too bad apart from a nasty laceration on my right shin. I’d never been immobile in my life. It was hard to just sit at home and rest and not be […]

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Adventures at the SFMOMA

I finally was able to meet up with Kim this past weekend for one of our well overdue photo shoots. The last time we did a photo shoot was back in winter of 2017. When we usually meet up, he’ll bring a few outfits and we’ll pick an area to explore in SF (usually) and have fun […]

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