3 Ways To Keep Your Product Photos Fresh With Etsy’s Trend Report

As an Etsy seller and craft business owner, it can be hard to know what customers are looking for, especially when it comes to your particular niche.

One way to keep your finger on the pulse of what customers are shopping for and what’s trending is by checking out Etsy’s Marketplace Insight reports. Etsy releases these reports seasonally and annually to help Etsy sellers know what Etsy shoppers are searching for, what they’re buying and what they predict will be trending in the future. The needs of customers are always changing so staying in tune with what’s going on can help you get found by customers.

You can use these reports to help you make changes to your product descriptions and keywords, and also keep product photography current with what’s trending and in season.

So let’s go over 3 ways you can incorporate trends into your product photography.

1. Backgrounds

A great way to freshen up your product photos and stay on trend is with your backgrounds.

Backgrounds are fairly easy to switch up and can really change the look and feel of your product photos. See what colors, textures and patterns are in season and if the colors make sense with your brand and products, think about changing up your background. 

I’d suggest switching up the backgrounds on lifestyle photos since those can change depending on the season and these type of photos are perfect for marketing purposes. 

2. Props

Lifestyle photos are super popular with customers so why not incorporate trending colors or textures into your props? If marble is in and you sell skin care products or jewelry, consider using a marble coaster to display your products.  You can do the same with textures. If earthy textures and tones are in, use things like sand and pebbles to help bring a little earthiness to your product photos. 

Another great way to use colors into your props is by selecting props with a similar color palette. This is a simple, easy way to elevate the look and feel of your products photos. 

3. Lifestyle Photos

If you want to visually tell a story with your product photos, lifestyle photos are the way to go! 

  • Are customers spending more time at home or looking to travel?
  • Are customers looking to pamper themselves more or are they looking to spoil their new four-legged family member? 
  • Are customers looking to unplug and disconnect or are they looking for new tech accessories?

By understanding what habits and desires are on the minds of customers, it can inspire you to come up with new ways to photograph your products that connects with them. 

If you make and sell chocolate covered marshmallows and travel is on the minds of customers right now, why not photograph your treats peaking out of a backpack to show customers they can take your treats with them on their next trip? Show customers how your products can fit into what their needs are right now.

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Final Thoughts

Trends come and go so make sure the trends you’re weaving into your product photos make sense for your brand and your products. Mixing in a trend when photographing your products can help you experiment with different colors and style ideas you may have not thought to try, so don’t be afraid to test things out. And who knows, maybe you end up finding a trend fits perfectly with your brand and ends up staying in the long run.

Do you change up your product photos based on the season or what’s trending? Leave a comment and let me know!

About the author

Imelda Jimenez-LaMar is a product photography coach and former Etsy seller, who said goodbye to her corporate job to create a business teaching photography. She is on a mission to demystify product photography for makers who want to create product photos that sell their handmade products online and grow their handmade business.

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