3 Ways To Keep Your Product Photos Fresh With Etsy’s Trend Report

Understanding what customers want is key to getting your crafts products noticed and sold online. But how do you know what they want? How do you increase your chances of getting found by customers? 

Rather than guess, find out what they’re shopping for with Etsy’s Marketplace Insight reports.

Released seasonally and annually, these reports give you insights into what Etsy shoppers are browsing for, what search terms they’re using, and major shopping dates to mark on your calendar.

Staying up to date with these insights is key to helping you adapt your craft business in a space that’s always changing. 

By leveraging this data, you’ll fine-tune your product descriptions and step up your product photography to improve your chances of standing out against the competition.

Now, product photos are a key selling point for customers, so let’s explore 3 ways you can incorporate current trends into your product photos.

These tips will help you connect more with customers online while still staying true to your brand.

1. Backgrounds

Freshening up your product backgrounds can really change the look and feel of your product photos. Think of them as instant face lifts!!

Whether it’s picking trending colors, fun textures, or cool patterns, changing up your background can influence how customers view your products and make your crafts more visually appealing.

Practical tips for backgrounds:

Keeping up with the season

Consider changing your backgrounds for the seasons from cozy textures in fall and winter to bright and cheerful, for spring and summer.

Select complementary colors

Select colors and patterns that fit with your brand and complement your products. Make sure your background doesn’t distract from your product. 

Neutrals are always versatile

Whites, grays, and browns are always great options for backgrounds as they’re clean and work with many different products.

Mixing things up is fun, but remember to stay consistent with your backgrounds to keep your brand looking polished and professional to customers.

a hand touching teal colored bowl with yellow flowers floating in milk on marble surface

2. Props

Changing up the props in your product photos is a great way to make your crafts appealing and relevant to customers. 

Whether it’s for specific occasion, holiday or time of year, the right props can add a little visual interest to your photos and make your products stand out to customers.

Practical tips for using seasonal props:

Stay in season

Match props to specific seasons like colorful flowers for spring or pine cones for the fall or winter season. This keeps your product photos feeling relevant and fresh to customers.

Holiday themes

Tailor your products to fit different holiday seasons such as twinkle lights for winter holidays or spooky decorations for Halloween. This taps into the festive mood the holidays bring and make your products appealing.

Celebrate special occasions

Incorporate specific props like books for graduations or candles and confetti for birthdays to highlight your crafts for special holidays or events.

More tips for selecting props:

Color coordination

Choose props that complement your product’s colors to make your photos pop and draw attention to your craft products.

Keep it simple

Less is more when it comes to props. Selecting just a few can be all you need to enhance your photos without stealing the spotlight from your art.

Show functionality

Show your product in action with practical props to help customers visualize how they can use your product before the buy.


By intentionally picking props that fit certain seasons, holidays or events, you not only make your craft products more relevant and engaging to customers but also highlight to them how perfect your craft products are for their specific needs and occasions. 

pink concha pillow styled on a bed with other pillows

3. Lifestyle Photos

Creating lifestyle photos isn’t just about taking beautiful photos of your crafts - it’s about telling a story that connects with your audience’s lifestyle and dreams. 

Photographing your crafts within real-life contexts gives potential customers a taste of how your products could impact their daily lives or make those special occasions more memorable. 

This not only makes your products seen but also desirable.

Tips for lifestyle photos for seasons and events 


Seasonal themes

Consider utilizing the seasonal changes to inspire your setups. For summer, photographing your products at a sunny, beach picnic can evoke feelings of vacations and relaxation.

Celebrating events

Imagine scenes that resonate with customers for special occasions or holidays. Design a romantic setup for products ideal for wedding anniversaries or a school-theme setup for those back-to-school products.

Pro tips for engaging lifestyle shots

Be smart with your props

Choose props that enhance the story you want to tell but that don’t distract from your products. 

Pick the right background

Select backgrounds that are understated and fit the theme you’re going for. Your background should support the overall story without being too loud or busy. 

Plan your scene

Arrange your product and props intentionally so your product is the star. Everything else in your shot is there from supporting actors to storying you’re telling.

Stay on brand

All your product photos, including lifestyle, should scream “you”. Consistent branding with colors and presentation builds a recognizable brand that customers trust.

Lifestyle photos are powerful when selling online because it connects with your customer’s needs and desires.

The goal isn’t to just show off your craft products but to invite customers to imagine how your products fit into their lives or enrich their experiences.

It bridges the gap between casually browsing into actual purchases, by making your work feel like a tangible part of their lives. 

By incorporating lifestyle photos into your product listings and online marketing strategy, you can significantly boost your views and generate more sales.

Top down photo of a table setting with blue denim napkins with butter cookies, next to a plate with forks and knives and glass of milk

Final Thoughts

Navigating the competitive online marketplace requires Etsy craft sellers to understand what customers want.

By tapping into Etsy’s Marketplace Insight reports you’ll get valuable data on trends and keywords that can help you tailor your product listings that match with what customers are looking for.

We all know trends come and go, but keeping your products relevant to what customers are seeking will keep you relevant and engaged with them.

Don’t be hesitant to try new things out whether it’s testing out new props or a different background. You never know what you’ll discover!

Do you refresh your product photos based on the seasons or trends? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

About the author

Imelda Jimenez-LaMar is a product photography coach and former Etsy seller, who said goodbye to her corporate job to create a business teaching photography. She is on a mission to demystify product photography for makers who want to create product photos that sell their handmade products online and grow their handmade business.

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