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Hi, I’m Imelda!

I’m a product photography coach teaching artists, creatives, makers, and handmade sellers how to take awesome photos of their crafts so they can grow their handmade businesses online. 

Being a product photography coach was something I didn’t set out to pursue. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d be teaching photography for a living, much less teaching product photography.

As someone who struggled with taking product photos for my Etsy shop, I felt totally unqualified to help other makers how to take good photos. But for some crazy reason, my maker friends believed in me. 

I had conversations with local Etsy sellers about their challenges with photography for their craft businesses and it broke my heart. Hearing the challenges they faced and how difficult it was for them to photograph their work struck a chord in me because I knew exactly what they were going through.


I needed to try product photography again and see if I could help them.

After lots of practice and figuring out why my photos before were trash and what to do to them actually look good, I’ve been sharing what I know about product photography with the handmade community. 

It’s my belief that with a little experimentation and practice, you too can shoot your own product photos and get good results, even if you’re taking photos with your phone.

I want your product photos to present your work in the best light so buyers who see you, feel good about their purchase and know they’re getting a quality handmade product.

When I’m not shooting product photos around my house, you’ll probably find me watching Youtube videos on minimalism and sustainability, tending to my houseplants, experimenting with curly hair products, and cooking up something delicious in the kitchen.

Imelda Jimenez-LaMar

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