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Are Your Product Photos The Reason Why You’re Not Getting The Sales Or The Views You Want From Your Online Shop?

If you’re an online seller who had several craft shows and other in-person events canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, chances are you’re focusing on how to keep your online business going.

This may be the perfect time to really focus on building your online presence because many of us are limited to spending more time at home than we may have planned.

One of the most important aspects of your online business is the photos of the products you’re selling and if you don’t have great photos, it will be hard to get noticed and make sales.

So what are not-so-great product photos and what are great product photos?

In this video, I’ll share with you the type of product photos I tend to see when it comes to online shops or social media feeds and why they don’t work. And I’ll share a few examples on what are better product photos and why.

Did the "after" photos change your initial impression of the purse? Let me know in the comments below what your thoughts are!

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