Personal Photography

Critiquing your own photography

If you recall, in my previous post, I shared with you an important question you should be asking yourself when it comes to photography. I decided to walk myself through the exercise for 5 of my recent favorite photos.

I have to say I got stumped a bit answering some of the questions, mostly the feelings and emotions bit.​

The questions made me process my thoughts about my work and figure out what I like/didn’t like about my photos and what I want to work on.

Some takeaways looking at my photos …

I’m drawn to:

  • Scenes rich in color or where certain colors really pop.
  • ​Moments that make me laugh or seem ironic or weird.
  • I love lines! Whether they’re natural, intentional or unintentional,
  • The balancing of geometric shapes like circles, rectangles, squares, etc.

Things I would have changed:

  • Stepping back a few feet to get more of a scene into my frame.
  • Stepped to the left or right to eliminate objects out of the background.
  • Cropped certain areas out.
  • Made the horizontal image vertical or vice versa.

Reflecting on the emotion and feelings of the photos was a bit challenging. The words that came to mind for the photos were feeling words of alive, happy, relaxed, calm, curious, funny and nostalgic.

Some photos I love purely because they remind me of a certain moment in time, but it’s a good reminder for me to think about these questions before I take a photo. They’ll help me be more thoughtful before I take a photo, especially if I shoot film photography rather than digital.

I’ve been doing photography for a while and know more or less what types of photos I’m drawn to. But you might not especially if you’re just learning. If you are, take lots of photos! After about a month of taking photos, go through and look for your favorite photos and answer the questions from the previous post. See what answers you come up with and see how your work changes over time.