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How To Use Common Customer Questions To Photograph Your Handmade Products

Do you ever get stuck trying to figure out what photos to take of your handmade products?

Yep, you’re not alone.

A lot of makers struggle coming up with what photos to take or often don’t offer a variety of photos that help educate their customers about the products they make and sell.

Something you have to remember when it comes to product photos is the purpose of them is to provide information to your customers about what you make and sell.

Customers have specific needs when they’re shopping and it’s your responsibility as a maker and business owner to provide that information.

Let’s face it, not everyone reads before they buy something online. But using images to help communicate information about your product will help your customers further clarify any assumptions they may have about what you make and sell. 

One of the things you need to consider when selling your handmade products online is what questions your customers are going to have about your products. Of course you should answer those questions in your product description, but what if you also answered them visually for your customers?

You want to make sure you communicate as much information about your products in your listings because not every customer is going to have the same needs and requirements as another customer. 

One customer may be looking for cotton reusable produce bags while another customer might want reusable produce bags that are machine washable, have the tare weight and are made from muslin material. So the more detailed you can be when it comes to what kind of questions they may have, the better.

So what kind of questions are your customers going to have? Here’s a list of ones you may consider for your product listings.

What is it?

This is obvious! They want to know what you’re selling so make sure it’s obvious through your photos and it’s easy to see your product, especially from your primary listing image.Proper lighting is essential when taking product photos so make sure your photos are properly lit. If you want to know how to create photos of your handmade products that look professional by using natural light, click here for a free PDF download! 

What are the ingredients/ What is it made from?

Is it made from wool or cotton? Is it made from natural organic ingredients? Photograph the label of your product or photograph some of the ingredients or materials with your product. What something is made from can be extremely important, especially if someone has sensitivities or allergies to certain materials or ingredients. 

Is it safe for me / children / pets?

Obviously this is a really important aspect to selling products because you don’t want to risk any accidents happening. Provide customers a clear visual who your products are safe or not safe for, especially when it comes to allergies, children and pets.

How big or small is it?

One of the risks of shopping online is not knowing how big or small something is. While you should list the dimensions of a product in your description, showing the scale of a product provides your customer the visual they may need to better understand the sizing of your products. The last thing they want to do is purchase a large size shirt only to realize it’s too small for them. Seeing it modeled or shown next to something that can easily communicate the size can help them understand if it’s the right product for them.

What’s the flavor?

If you sell flavored products or even food products, people are going to want to know what it tastes like. Is it vanilla flavored? Photograph some vanilla beans next to the product. Is it a lemon jam? Show some lemon slices with the jar of lemon jam to play into the senses of taste and smell. 

What’s the texture?

When people shop in person, they will pick things up and touch them. But when it comes to shopping online, you can’t feel and touch a product. So what do you do? Show someone cuddling your handmade pillow to communicate how soft and plush it is. Also consider taking close-up detailed shots of your product so customers can see what the texture is.

How do I take care of it?

This is really important! Most people want their products to last a long time (especially if it’s handmade) so educate your customers how to properly care and extend the life of your product as long as possible. 

Think about how you can photograph and show your customers how they can clean, store and care for your products so they can decide if it fits their lifestyle.

If you make and sell knitted hats, let them know through a photo if they can put it in the washer or if they have to hand wash it. That way they’ll know before purchasing how they will need to care for the product.

How do I wear it?

Are there multiple ways to wear your product? How do you put it on? Showing your customer through photos how they can wear your product so that when they receive your product, they’re not confused. 

How do I store it?

Is it sensitive to heat or cold? Should it be stored out of direct light? Communicate to your customer where your product should be stored or live when it’s not being used so they can get the most of your product. If your handmade shampoo bars should be stored outside of the shower when they’re not being used, show the bar in a soap dish drying next to other products on a dry counter.

What color is it?

Does your product come in one color or do you have other options for them to choose from? Showing other color options (and labeling what colors they are in your photos) will help your customer select the color they want easily and clearly.

These are just a sampling of questions your customers might have about your product. There are plenty of other questions to consider so keep it specific to what you make and sell.

Hopefully this blog post will be helpful when you are planning to take new product photos for your craft business!

What’s the most common question customers have about your products? Leave a comment below and let me know.