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An important message for creative online sellers who hate marketing and promoting themselves

A lot of makers, creatives, artists have a difficult time with marketing themselves and putting themselves out there. Promoting yourself can feel weird.

And I get it. It can feel real salesy and not authentic. We don’t want to seem like a sleazy car salesman who’s like “what can I do to get you in that car today?”

But I want to help you reframe it in a different way. I think, when it comes to marketing and selling yourself and your products, it’s not about you. 

Wait, what?

Yeah, it’s not about you. 

It’s about what you do to help someone else in their life.

Think about what you make. How can it make someone else’s life better?

Let’s say for instance you sell hand lotion. How would this help someone in their life?

  • It makes their hands feel hydrated and smooth
  • It makes their hand smell good 
  • The essential oils and scents in your lotion help them feel more relaxed and calm
  • They’re not as self-conscious about their painfully, cracked, dry hands
  • Their nails and cuticles have become stronger and healthier

Anytime you’re worried about promoting yourself or putting your product out there, think about the 1 person your work can help. 

In the example above, think about how many people need a good hand lotion that helps heal their painfully, dry hands. And think about the long term impact of what using your product can mean for them. 

What if the person was really self-conscious about their hands and didn’t like holding hands with their SO because their hands were scaly and rough? But then after they started using your lotion, they were more open to holding hands with their SO and in doing that, helped them feel closer to their SO a result? What if it improved their relationship? 

What if they decided to begin a new ritual of making sure to hydrate their skin after a shower in the evening and began unwind after a long day? Maybe before they didn’t have a routine to relax before bed, but now they make applying your lotion an opportunity to give their hands a mini massage. The scent of the lotion helps them feel more relaxed, feel calmer and helps them get to bed in a better state of mind which translates to better quality of sleep. Think about that!

It can be a total domino effect.


Don’t discount the impact of your work on others beyond what you initially see. As you can see, the lotion can impact not only the customer’s life, but even those around them.

We buy things to feel a certain way. We want to feel comforted, nostalgic, relaxed, energized, calm, happy, alive, confident, beautiful, attractive, cozy, etc. What feeling does your work give someone or a space? 

So next time you’re scared to put yourself out there, think about how your work makes a difference in someone else’s life. You may think you just create wool hats or illustrations, but your impact can go pretty far if you think about the bigger impact it can have in someone’s world.

You have a gift that needs to be shared with the world. And to do that, you need to put yourself out there and remember your work serves and helps people. 

Keep going. Keep sharing. Keep making.

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