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Photography books for creativity and reflection

Happy New Year!

I can’t believe the holidays have come and gone and now we’re starting 2019!! I know everyone and their mom is probably planning out what they want to accomplish this year and set goals, but I’m not super into that. I don’t think I’ve ever made resolutions before, though I did do a vision board one year …

​Anyway, something I am super stoked about are a few photography related gifts I got this week! Secret Santa gifted me Photo Journal: Personal Photography Reflections and Creative Every Day, both by Eric Kim.


I’ve been following Eric for a while now who is a street photographer. While his style of photography isn’t really my thing, I really respect the work he creates and how he thinks about the art of photography.

I wanted these books because after I read the blurbs on them, it made me want to have more fun and be more creative when it comes to photography. I never realized it until recently, but I haven’t reflected a whole lot on my photography. I also sometimes get a creative rut and the assignments in the books feel like they’ll the creative juices flowing.

Anywho, I’m really excited to dive deeper into learning more about my own photography and reflecting more about creativity. Do you struggle with creativity when it comes to photography? Let me know in the comments!