Personal Photography

Stuck at home.

Earlier this year, I fell down a flight of stairs which majorly sucked. To everyone’s surprise, including me, I didn’t break anything or injure myself too bad apart from a nasty laceration on my right shin. I’d never been immobile in my life. It was hard to just sit at home and rest and not be able to walk very far except around my apartment to go to the bathroom, kitchen or to bed.  I couldn’t be on my feet for very long due to needing to elevate my leg all the time.

Needless to say, staying inside was giving me serious cabin fever. It reminded me of how much I take being able to walk for granted. I really wanted to go outside and take pictures and just walk, but I couldn’t. I wanted to take photos but I couldn’t just get up and go outside.

So what did I do? I realized I didn’t need to leave my apartment to take photos.

​It made me think about how easily we can forget about photographing our everyday surroundings. Maybe it’s because we’re immersed in it all the time. Maybe it’s because why would I want to take a picture of my kitchen? How boring, right? Wrong!

The cool thing about photographing your home is how can you make the everyday look interesting. What if you put your camera (or phone) on auto and took pictures of everyday things in your home?

Here are some ideas if you’re stuck at home and want to take some pictures.

    • The bathroom sink and/or toilet
    • Your favorite piece of art
    • The plants on your window sill
    • The pillows on the sofa
    • Your favorite books on the shelf
    • The inside of your refrigerator
    • The inside of one of your kitchen cabinets
    • Your coffee table
    • Something you collect
    • Your fireplace mantle
    • Your entryway​

There are endless things you can photograph in your own home. Experiment too with the time of day as how something looks can change during the day.

In short, there’s no excuse of why you can’t take photos even if you’re stuck at home. This time of year is perfect since the weather can make us feel more like retreating inside. And if you need a chance of scenery, go to someone else’s house and photograph their space! You never know what you’ll find.