Personal Photography

The best photography subject you can photograph literally anywhere you are

So you’re working on your photography and taking more photos but you’ve run out of ideas.

Or maybe today you’re just not feeling inspired and nothing looks interesting.

Or maybe you’re doing the 365 photography project and you need to photograph something today.

Or maybe you need photos for a social media post for a quote card but you’re tired of looking at stock photos that everyone else is using.

So what can you take photos of that’s easy, can be found literally anywhere and is interesting?


Texture is everywhere and it’s my favorite subject of choice when I don’t think there’s anything interesting to photograph.

Texture really comes alive when you play with light and angles. textures can appear flat when lit straight on, but if you change your camera angle up a bit you can get some awesome photos. Photographing early or late in the day can give you some great lighting too so experiment with the time of day.

The thing I love most about texture photography is you can create really cool abstract photos that can keep a viewer guessing what it is. It also adds tactility to a photograph and depth. Plus, if you’re someone who finds getting close to subjects challenging, photographing textures is a great way to practice getting up close and looking for the details all around us. Don’t forget, you can even photograph textures at home so you don’t need to leave the house on those rainy days when you just want to lounge around in your jammies.

So where can you find textures? If you’re stumped as to what textures to photograph, here are some suggestions:

  • fabrics (clothing material, rugs, carpets, etc.)
  • wood
  • metal
  • walls
  • nature (plants, trees, etc.)

Try this out next time you’re wondering what to photograph. What’s your favorite go-to subject to photograph? Let me know in the comments!