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Why I don’t have a bunch of photography gear

Taken with LG V20 smartphone

With the rise of popularity around photography the past 5 years and how quickly newer, better cameras (including phones!) are coming on the market in what feels like every month, it can be tempting to want to keep buying equipment.

​When I was taking photography classes in college, my classmates and I would go to class, share our photos, talk about our work, discuss what we liked, what we could improve and do it all over again each week. We were beginner photographers and we just to learn how to take photos and improve them with the cameras we had.

Taken with LG V20 smartphone

Fast forward to today, I’ve had several point and shoot cameras but I’ve used them until they died. It’s not until then do I then look to get a new camera. I honestly can’t be bothered to look at what trends are happening, what’s the popular camera that’s out, what’s coming out, etc. I just want to make the most out of what I have right now.

Having too many cameras and equipment can be too much and overwhelming. Sure there are times I wish had a different camera, but In a way, I like being limited and pushed to take the best photos I can with what I have. Whether it’s my point and shoot, smartphone, film camera or most recently an instamatic camera, I do the best I can with what I have with me at that moment.

Taken with LG V20 smartphone

If the only camera you have is your smartphone, see what photos you can capture with that. I like taking photos with my smartphone because find the less I have to think about when it comes to features, the more i have time to think about what photo I want to capture.

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