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Why you should be using color backgrounds to stand out in addition to white backgrounds in product photography

When it comes to product photography, most people think about photographing against a white background.

Granted the white background is awesome because:

  1. It eliminates all distractions from your product
  2. It’s clean
  3. It’s simple
  4. It’s easy for your product to be showcased in blogs, online magazines, etc.
  5. It makes for nice consistency
  6. It looks super professional

But does that mean you should photograph your products only on white background?

Heck no.

Some people assume white backgrounds are boring and while on some level, they are because there’s not a lot of personality to them, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have fun with other color backgrounds.

I grabbed my trusty little penguin friend aka Periwinkle, and some colored construction paper I had lying around the apartment and took him on a colorful photo shoot.

As you see below, I shot him on the typical white which is your standard product photo look.

But then I shot photos of him against blue, green, yellow, orange and red.

How FUN do these color backgrounds look?? These would make for fun social media posts because who wants their social media feed to look like an online retail shop with all white backgrounds? Solid color backgrounds can bring a product to life in a way white backgrounds don’t.

Don’t be afraid to photograph with color. Find the colors that make your product pop or that compliment the colors. Try out bold colors or go more subtle with shades of pastels, light grays or tan shades.

If you want to add texture to your color backgrounds, grab a piece of scrap wood and a can of your favorite color spray paint and voilà, you have a new, fun background for your products!

If you want to dive into understanding the psychology of colors when it comes to marketing, check out this interesting article.

Have you experimented with solid color backgrounds in your product photography? Let me know below in the comments!

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