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Why Sharing Your Unique Story Through Visuals Can Be Powerful as a Handmade Online Seller

I had so much fun this past weekend watching and supporting the SF Etsy team #shoptiny online event. It was held Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The event was to showcase and support the local SF Bay Area’s maker community since all in-person events are currently on hold until who knows when! They featured a number […]

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How the Details in Your Photography Can Add Value to Your Handmade Product

When shopping in person, customers inspect products with all 5 of their senses. They’re able to look closely at your product and figure out the quality of the craftsmanship, the color, texture and so on. But you can’t do that when shopping online. A customer can’t pick up and inspect your product like they can […]

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An important message for creative online sellers who hate marketing and promoting themselves

A lot of makers, creatives, artists have a difficult time with marketing themselves and putting themselves out there. Promoting yourself can feel weird. And I get it. It can feel real salesy and not authentic. We don’t want to seem like a sleazy car salesman who’s like “what can I do to get you in […]

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